IDEMA is a special entrepreneurship initiative creating and implementing socio-economic development projects to consolidate local and international development that ensures fairer, flourishing and healthier communities. IDEMA provides a sustainable development perspective for its clients through innovative and inclusive practices.

Our History

IDEMA was founded in 2011 by long-time experienced three international development professionals with the purpose of realizing innovative socio-economic development solutions across Turkey and around the world. As an entrepreneurship initiative, IDEMA is driven with an energetic sense of purpose to define and apply the trends in international development. IDEMA first took to the stage through a grant from UPS Foundation to render Turkish SMEs more resilient to natural disasters. With the gained momentum, IDEMA had developed special projects with vital institutions such as the U.S. Department of State, World Bank and European Commission. We developed and continue to develop our collaborations and networks within the scope of the development perspective since its establishment.

Throughout its nearly 10-year experience, we strengthened our position and magnified impact in the Turkish socio-economic development ecosystem with an innovative project management approach and fruitful collaborations with a diverse list of NGOs, private sector organizations and local and central government institutions. Over the years of its cooperation and collaboration with United Nations, international investment institutions, private companies, national and international NGOs, domestic and foreign trade chambers and public institutions, we developed a particular know-how in implementing multi-partnered community development projects and field assessments.

Our Approach

We provide sustainable development perspective for our clients through innovative and inclusive practices Social benefits and innovative approaches lie at the core of projects and services of IDEMA. Implementation of the approach of “Development Thinking” is the trademark of IDEMA that can be observed in every project that is in IDEMA’s portfolio. Therefore, Development Thinking is an institutional manner of our incorporated and replicated by its full-time consultants and network of experts and practitioners in every partnership and assignment. By implementing this approach, IDEMA envisions to deploy socio-economic issues as if shadows of the core assignments and deliverables; rather than being secondary multiplying effects, they solely become present from beginning to end.

Believing in a stakeholder approach as the basis of governance, We provide project development and process management services for investments and partnerships to be developed between private sector, public institutions and civil society organizations.

Ali Ercan Özgür
Co-Founder / Chairman of the Board
Güler Altınsoy
Co-Founder / Board Member
Mert Fırat
Evren Aydoğan
Executive Board Member
Kenan Anıl Gökrenk
Chief Operating Officer
Gökçe Ahi
Deputy General Manager
Sait Beyazyürek
Deputy General Manager
Cansu Uludağ
Finance Officer
Hediye Yıldırım
Administrative Assistant
Berna Övül
Corporate & Public Affairs Director
İlayda Aydan Çelenk
Content Curation & Learning Experience Lead
Zeynep Hancı
Communication Lead
Sevde Karaman
Senior Expert Communication & IT
Gizem Aktaş
Communications & CSR Associate
Mehmet Caner Soyulmaz
Expert (Project & Grants)
Belçim Özcan
Project Assistant
Ece Nur Balcı
Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility Assistant
Esra Tanyeli
Project Assistant
Nur Ağaoğlu
Project Assistant
İsmail Çağrı Aygün
Video Content Expert
Özgür Can Özüdoğru
Project Assistant
Ömer Furkan Paslı
Project Assistant
Gaye Kırkın
Communication Assistant