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September 2022 - Ongoing
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Enerjisa Enerji for the establishment of a Better Future Platform in order to contribute to Turkey's economic efficiency, to implement concrete projects on Turkey's economic efficiency, and to leave a better, cleaner and more efficient future in Turkey for future generations. As TBWA\ISTANBUL and IDEMA, we have embarked on a long-term journey.

With the work of the "Better Future Platform", which we have implemented in line with the principles of solidarity, expertise and inclusiveness, we aimed to focus primarily on the perception, acceptance and productivity-enhancing practices of businesses in the field of productivity in our country. In this context, we put forward the "Turkey Efficiency Survey Report" and "Turkey Efficiency Map" as the first concrete outputs.

Enerjisa Enerji announced that it provides support to the earthquake zone with the 'A Better Future Platform' as of December 2023. Enerjisa is the sole private sector stakeholder of the "Regional Recovery and Development Center", which was implemented by UNDP Turkey, Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce, Adana Chamber of Commerce and Needs Map to contribute to the restructuring and development of 11 provinces in the earthquake zone in economic, social, cultural and civil society areas. 

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