Atış Group Development of Sustainability Strategy and Cooperative Design Consultancy

Project year
January 2022 - Ongoing
Project status
Project location
Bursa, Turkey
About Project

Atış Group wanted to continue its sustainability efforts by gathering it under a strategy that suits them. In this direction, as IDEMA, we got to know the customer, its stakeholders and the needs and wishes of the company closely by holding workshops in Bursa Atış Group office for 3 days, 2 of which were face-to-face, with the participation of approximately 15 employees. At the same time, we conveyed the definitions such as sustainability, ESG and CSR, the current and future importance of these concepts and their legal obligations to the participants of these workshops. Together with the feedback of the group of 15 people, which we call the "committee", and our own comments, we have created a strategy for 1, 3 and 5 years suitable for them, and we have turned the strategy into a report.

In addition, they are considering establishing a cooperative as a separate organization, where they will carry out CSR projects in particular. We aim to provide them with training on social cooperatives in the coming months and to enable them to establish a cooperative in a structure suitable for them.

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