Provision Design and Development of an Digital Platform for NEET Women Project

Project year
January 2022 - June 2022
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About Project

The project’s objective is to create an online environment for collecting information on NEET, Statistics, Academic Works and announcing opportunities through a GIS Based Interactive Map such as Training Programs, Job Opportunities, Mentorship Programs, Events, Grants for the NEET Women etc.

In this regard the project provides a digital portal to bring together the related information and provide demanded services based on the roadmap, and to be also designed as a toolkit for collecting data including digital surveys for target groups or representing bodies such as universities, graduate communities, professional unions, and chambers.

The main steps of the assignment are as follows: 

1. Preparing and implementing a Roadmap

2. Developing and incorporating portal content

3. Up-dating portal content, maintaining cooperation with related partners for up-to-date data and content


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