Gaziantep Food and Gastronomy Entrepreneurship Hub Project

Project year
January 2022
Project status
Project location
Gaziantep, Türkiye
Project Role
About Project

The other project on sustainable livelihood is Gaziantep Food and Gastronomy Entrepreneurship Hub project. Within the scope of this project which is managed by ICMPD and implemented by IDEMA with the partnership of Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce, Gaziantep Food & Gastronomy Entrepreneurship Hub established to give service for start-ups and scale-ups on food and gastronomy sector for both SuTPs and LCUFs. Food entrepreneur candidates will have the opportunity to get an accomplished training and consultancy service in the Hub before establishing their enterprises. 

  1. The global objective of the project is to contribute to a more inclusive and effective local entrepreneurial ecosystem in line with national and regional/local economic development policies in Gaziantep.           
  2. The specific objective of this project is creating a new Local Common Use Facility “Gaziantep Food & Gastronomy Entrepreneurship Hub” as critical focal point as entrepreneurial hub and a community centre in which SuTPs and LHCs peers can interact and have access to several services they need on gastronomy and food entrepreneurship.
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