Innovation through Food Entrepreneurship (LIFE)

Project year
September 1, 2017- December 31, 2020
Project status
Project location
İstanbul/Mersin, Turkey
Project Role
About Project

The LIFE Project supports food entrepreneurship and promotes cross-cultural understanding between diverse communities living in Turkey. Food is a powerful tool to promote the integration of new immigrant groups with the host community as well as provides opportunities for innovation, economic resilience, empowerment, and effective development. Through the entrepreneur incubation program, members build food businesses and create sustainable livelihoods in Turkey. The training is held in both face-to-face and online classes. Within the scope of the program, it is aimed to increase intercultural integration through gastro diplomacy events organized within every two months. In addition to the training programs and activities, a cookbook is published, which includes both recipes and stories of the members. In this book, both personal stories and traditional recipes of members from different ethnic backgrounds meet international readers.


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