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November 2017 - November 2018
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Kesf@ Project aims to support Information Technologies and Computer education for students in Turkish schools. The project includes four distinct components: 

(i) Information Technologies and Coding’ Course Curriculum Development for 1-6 Grades; (ii) Google Internet and Cloud Training for Media Students in Turkey; (iii) Internet Awareness Movement Project 

Within the scope of the first component, IDEMA have conducted the necessary activities to create a basic programming and coding content targeting students from 1 to 6 Grades to be used across all national schools under the protocol signed between Google and Ministry of National Education, 

As a second component of the project, IDEMA prepared a special capacity building training content for Media and Communication students to raise awareness about the Internet, Cloud, and Digital Media.  

Last component is implemented by the Istanbul Provincial National Education Directorate, Google Turkey and Internet Development Board to teach students basic concepts related to the Internet. This component aimed to create awareness of Internet literacy among students and ensure that students become internet users who care about the rules of digital citizenship.


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