Support social cooperative AHENK, toward Sustainability through Operational Clinics and other Capacity Building activities

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December 2022 - December 2023
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Under the umbrella of the "Strengthening Economic Opportunities for Syrians and Turkish Citizens under Temporary Protection Living in Selected Regions Project", implemented by the World Bank with European Union financing, we carried out our work to improve the capacity building and operational processes for the sustainability of Beri Women's Cooperative and Ahenk Women's Cooperative. IDEMA aims to offering sustainable solutions that are crucial for strengthening the production process, enhancing sales and new partnership, increasing capacity building, and setting BERI Cooperative on a sustainable path. To achieve these goals, IDEMA provides support in several key areas.

Firstly, IDEMA assists in improving local and national partnerships, diversifying the customer portfolio, enhancing sales channels, and optimizing the supply chain.Furthermore, IDEMA supports BERI by enhancing cooperative governance through training, capacity building, technical training, mentoring, and peer-to-peer learning across various technical domains. These initiatives are designed to improve the cooperative's access to finance, sales, distribution, marketing, and business partnerships.

During the project we carried out with cooperatives, we worked with 31 cooperative partners. During this process, we were in the field for 171 hours with training, mentoring and events and held 12 workshops in line with the needs of the cooperatives. We developed the establishment of cooperatives' websites and social media accounts, communication strategies, product catalogs and promotional materials. Ahenk Women's Cooperative became the first producer of the MEZOİK brand with the slogan "Nutrition Heritage of the Future from the Past". Under the mentorship of nutrition and dietetics expert Elvan Odabaşı, cooperative partners have introduced a product range containing all the nutrients needed in the first 72 hours during disasters.

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