TANAP Route,Economic Growth Program

Project year
May 2018 - January 2019
Project status
Project location
Turkey (Kars, Adana, Erzurum)
Project Role
About Project

This Project was aimed to improve the competitiveness and institutionalization levels of cluster member enterprises through the SME growth program and to develop local, regional and international trade relations.

Firstly, analysis and cluster mapping studies were conducted in order to determine the service and manufacturing industry sectors that have prominent and development potential in Kars-Ardana and Erzurum provinces and in the level-2 regions including these provinces. 

As a result of analysis and in-depth interviews, a clustering approach was applied in a sector that has the potential for clustering and which is important for the regional economy. 

Focus group interviews, in-depth interviews and analysis studies were carried out to reveal the current situation of the target sector identified in the previous stage for clustering and to develop product and market-oriented strategic segmentation for cluster enterprises.

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