The Insurance of Education: Our Teachers

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September 2022 - Ongoing
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As IDEMA, we provide training and content consultancy for the "Teacher and Social Impact" Training Program part of the project. In this context, we provided training on Social Impact and Benefit, Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development Goals primarily through the online education system (LMS) to 400 teachers who completed their personal, professional and psycho-social development training. Afterwards, we organized a Webinar following these trainings. We came together in Antalya with our 128 teachers who completed the trainings on LMS and the webinar. In our face-to-face trainings in Antalya, we completed our Social Impact and Benefit, Design Thinking, Project Cycle Management, Innovative and Creative Thinking and Ecological Awareness trainings in 4 groups with our teachers. We have prepared a "Teacher's Guide" for our teachers, which includes examples of practices they can do for their schools, and we have realized some examples of practices. In this context, we implemented the beta version of our Let's Guide Our World board game, which was specially developed for them and aims to familiarize children with the Sustainable Development Goals at a young age. In our ongoing project, we will support those of our teachers who want to develop projects in their schools and create a social impact, with the mentoring process we have developed and new content to be added to the online education system.

Within the scope of the Insurance of Education: Our Teachers Project, which was implemented in partnership with the Ministry of National Education and the Turkish Education Association with the contributions of the Z Zurich Foundation, and aims to improve the quality of the professional lives of female teachers assigned to villages in the first years of their careers and to raise hope for the village people as role models for their students, we, as IDEMA, carry out the project. We worked with 850 teachers throughout the year in the "Teachers Creating Social Impact Module". During this process, we carried out 8 asynchronous training content, 6 webinars, 3 speeches, 30 sessions of online mentoring, 10 face-to-face training + 44 face-to-face mentoring sessions.

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